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School membership - if you have ever been registered with the SRF then start entering either your school number (UK) or the name of the school. If your school number is located then the address details will be filled in automatically. Any name matches will be displayed in a list on the right. You can optionally fill in parts of the town/city and postcode field to filter the list. Once your school has appeared click on it to copy its details onto the form.
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The School Number is mandatory for UK school registrations but optional for non-DfE schools outside the UK or for other account types. The number format depends on where your school is located:

  • England, Wales and any school registered as overseas with the Department for Education - enter your URN (Unique Reference Number) which is usually 6 digits long and can be found using the UK government's 'Get information about schools' service.
  • Scotland - enter your SEED number, which is usually 7 digits and can be found here.
  • Northern Ireland - enter your DE No. (Department of Education reference number) which is usually made up of 3 digits and 4 digits separated by a dash. Find your DE No. here.
  • Non-UK and Other Schools - leave the field empty.